meet the team

the team

Founder of Advanced Clinician Solutions Ltd – Melissa Allinson MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

Having joined the National Health Service in 1999 Melissa has developed a solid knowledge base in clinical, leadership and educational systems within healthcare. Initially working in Accident and Emergency care arena in both the United Kingdom and Australia. Melissa has expanded and developed a multitude of advance skills across a vast range of primary care services.

As a clinician Melissa has a reputation for being dynamic, innovative and forward thinking whilst continuing to provide safe and effective care as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in General Practice and primary care. During the pandemic Melissa took on added role with the complex acute response team locally and also assisted with the Covid vaccination clinics. 

Melissa has also recently begun to gain experience lecturing at a local University in Advanced Clinical Practice to master’s level students. 

Melissa Allinson is passionate about developing and shaping the next generation of Advanced Clinical Practitioners; non-medical clinicians that will display strong clinical decision making in an autonomous fashion. She believes that this expansion will benefit all respective professional groups and improve patient care whilst stabilising the crisis that surrounds the current crisis in primary care staffing.

some of our clinicians:


Michelle is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, she has achieved her Masters degree in Advance Clinical Practice and is an independent prescriber . Michelle had a background in community nursing for several years before moving to general practice. Michelle has a special interest, passion and exceptional skill in mental health care and is looking to do a further Masters degree in this area.


Nadra is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, she has a Masters degree in Advance Clinical Practice and is an independent prescriber. Nadra has many years experience and has worked as a midwife, in acute care and works in general practice in the past few years . Nadra excels in on the day care presentations and has a passion for women’s health.


Kelly is an Advanced Practice Nurse she has many years experience in general practice and has also worked as a respiratory nurse specialist. Kelly holds diplomas in COPD and Asthma care and has a passion to help patients with all respiratory conditions.  Along side this, she regularly updates on all treatment room skills and immunisations. Kelly is proficient and knowledgeable in anticoagulant care of patients on warfarin.


Sian is an Advanced Practice Nurse, she has many years experience in general
practice. Sian holds a diploma in Respiratory conditions and is up to date
and competent in all treatment room and immunisation skills. Sian is a
dynamic enthusiastic practitioner and currently undertaking the Masters
degree in Advance Clinical Practice, and is undertaking her non medical
prescribing course in 2022. 


Nikki is a Nurse Associate who holds registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Nikki has many years experience as a compassionate and highly competent practitioner in general practice. She has a vast array of treatment room skills and is soon looking to undertake qualification in cervical screening.


Bev is an Advanced Health Care Assistant , with many years experience in general practice. Bev has a vast array of treatment room skills and excellence in health checks. Bev is competent and has an excellent reputation as a highly successful practitioner, helping patients  with smoking cessation.


Hayley is a extremely experienced phlebotomist. She has over 20 years experience in this field within the NHS. Hayley has experience of IV access under guided ultrasound and difficult cannulations. She is a highly skilled , gentle practitioner and able to achieve blood taking in some of the most challenging patients.